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Solutions we provide

Our offerings include co-designing and co-creating micro-workshops and digital online corporate training, as well as our SaaS solution, Manabu. We collaborate with universities, government, and startups global communities to advance innovation in the industry and globally


(Digital Learning)


SaaS software


Tech & Startup's Hub

Global Network & Certification




Edtech Organisation

Startup DLX

DLX (digital learning transformation)

Co-creating customised e-learning programs with us provides added flexibility, responsiveness, and tailors the program to your specific needs, reducing the need for additional training and re-training. This approach can lead to cost savings for your organisation and align the program with your company's strategic goals for optimal results.

Our company offers two innovative digital learning platforms: Our version 2 is a corporate training platform that provides online digital learning for companies, while Manabu G3 is in the early stages of development and will revolutionise employee training with personalised and effective learning experiences by AI, digital badges, analytics and ESG impact reports.

Ed-Tech Hub in Japan

Establishing Japan as a technology and innovation hub is the goal. This will be achieved by fostering connections and promoting collaboration to expand the startup ecosystem, while also spreading Japanese culture and innovative ideas globally.

A few of our startups Projects


Digital transformation learning projects have made a significant impact on developing employees' skills in managing and analyzing data effectively. As the need for data-driven decision making rises, these projects are essential in ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary skills to handle data efficiently.

Improve productivity

(JR Kyushu Q Co-Space)

Improved satisfaction

(Chatbots & AI assistant)

Reduce costs

(By outsourcing support)

Better collaboration

(Tech Implementation)

Increased innovation

(3D Anatomy & e-health)

Better data decision

(By agile learning)

Expertise involved



Note paper reminder schedule board. Business people meeting and use post it notes to share idea. Discussing - business, teamwork, brainstorming concept

The implementation of a smart access allow us to save time, improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

– JR Kyushu [Q] Co-working & learning space

AI Chatbots benefit businesses and educational institutions by providing efficient and effective ways to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, automate processes, and improve response times to customers and students.

Engineering School (The University of Queensland)

Working together to design an online agile program in just six weeks has led to reduced costs, improved learner experiences, and better data management decision-making.

Engineering School

(Kyushu University)

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JR Hakata Station, Amu Plaza,

B1 (Q) Co-working and learning

Fukuoka city, Japan

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