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Blue Line Wave

Solutions we provide

We offer a range of services including the co-design and co-build of micro-workshops and digital online corporate training. We also have our own SaaS solution, Manabu. In addition, we are actively involved in the Japan Edtech Community, working to accelerate innovation by collaborating with universities, government, and startups


(Digital Learning)


SaaS software


Tech & Startup's Hub

Global Network & Certification

Blue Line Wave


Startup DLX

Australia's leading Edtech Organisation

DLX (digital learning transformation)

Having the ability to co-design and co-create the program with us, offers more flexibility and responsiveness as the companies can adapt to new requirements and changes quickly. Creating a customised and relevant e-learning program reduces the need for additional training and re-training, which can save costs for the organisation in the long run. it can be aligned with the company's strategic goals.

Blue Line Wave

SaaS digital learning platform for companies looking to revolutionise their employee training and development. Our software leverages the power of data, using AI, ChatGPT and analytics to provide a personalised and effective learning experience for employees.

Blue Line Wave

Japan Ed, Tech & Startup's HUB

Aim is to become Japan’s technology and innovation industry hub. Through connection and collaboration we can accelerate expand Japan’s startup ecosystem globally, culture and innovation.

Blue Line Wave

Our Projects + Impacts

Blue Line Wave
Photo on SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) theme. Wooden cubes with the acronym "SDG", and sticky notes, on the background of skeleton magnolia leaf

Dentayori Project

Co-design online dental education, micro-training and export "Know-How" from Japan to Indonesia

SDGs & ESG Project

Build SDGs/ESG online program for international students located in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia


Latest Projects

Blue Line Wave

Here are some impacts of digital transformation learning projects made by us. With the growing demand for data-driven decision making, the ability to effectively manage and analyse data has become crucial. Digital transformation learning projects can help employees develop the skills they need to manage data effectively.

Improve productivity

(JR Kyushu Q Co-Space)

Improved satisfaction

(Chatbots & AI assistant)

Reduce costs

(By outsourcing support)

Better collaboration

(Tech Implementation)

Increased innovation

(3D Anatomy & e-health)

Better data decision

(By agile learning)

Blue Line Wave




sustainable development goals SDGs.Environmental technology concept.Innovation to reduce global warming in sustainable business.

The implementation of a smart access allow us to save time, improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

– JR Kyushu [Q] Co-working & learning space

Using AI Chatbots allows us to save long time in repetitive tasks, automation and improve our respond time to customers and students

Engineering School (The University of Queensland)

Being able to co-design in partnership an online agile program in just 6 weeks, impacts our costs, learners experiences and manage better data decisions

- Engineering School (Kyushu University)

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JR Hakata Station, Amu Plaza,

B1 (Q) Co-working and learning

Fukuoka city, Japan

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